Healthy Aging and your skin!

In addition to wanting to remain vital and active, We have a desire to look as young as we feel. It’s possible to look much younger than one’s years, since modern health care is helping ward off life-shortening disease at a tremendous rate. The result is a growing population expected to live longer than any generation before and to look better doing it.

Proper skin care can help ward off signs of aging. Here are some healthful skin care tips for caring for maturing skin. The most important thing you can do for your skin, is to consistently use sunscreen. Sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine, as sun damage is the number one cause of prematurely aged skin. To protect you from the full range of ultraviolet rays, look for products containing at least one of these ingredients: avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide.  You may not give much credence to moisturizer use, but  it is a critical piece of the puzzle for great skin. In general, it’s a good idea to stick with one product line since products are usually designed to work together. Check out the 5 Benefits of Avocado Oil For Face & Skin 2021 and rejuvenate your skin.

Working with a skin care professional will help establish a good base of knowledge about how to care for your skin. As per their suggestion and instructions you could also go for a nose thread lift to give it a better look. Having an expert who knows you and your history will help address changes going forward. For example, if you change climates, your skin’s needs will change as well. The same is true with the seasons. The seasons of your life will bring yet more changes to your skin care needs. Talking to an expert will help guide you through those changes and give you proactive self-care steps. Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing old.

Products of the Month

Fruit Acid Serum

Stem Cell/AHA Serum

Vitamin C /Q10 Complex

Seaweed Cleanser

Seaweed Tonic

Seaweed Moisture Complex

All these products contains vitamin minerals and antioxidants to improve aging  skin naturally.