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3 amazing facials to help your skin achieve that “GLOW”

Winter isn’t kind to skin, hair and hands, now’s the time to pay attention to the health and wellness of your skin, so you can step into spring showing no adverse effects from the winter. We’ve got three affordable Winter  Specials at EKTE Spa to pamper you this winter.

Your Face is about the only part of you that’s not covered up in winter. Your skin dries out from wind, sun and cold plus indoor heating, lips get chapped and your skin doesn’t look very bright and healthy.

 Offering Colorado weather based facial treatment leaving your skin hydrated and Glowing.

Honey Hydrating Facial. $95 (regularly $120)

The pure signature essential oils, Seaweed and antioxidant used during a EKTE facial will drench your skin with clock-stopping nutrients. Individually selected masks for your skin type refine pores and address your specific needs without the use of any harsh chemicals.  You will experience an unprecedented amount of massage, steam and gentle extraction, which will leave you with the famous ‘Glow.’  The extensive massage will oxygenate the tissues and detoxify, by stimulating lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation

We offer two more anti-ageing facial specials till the end of the month: 

Read about these amazing facials in our last newsletter

Ultra Sonic Micro Peel

   Better than Botox – Lift & Tighten!
NEW! Only $150(Regular $175)

Collagen Ultrasonic Facial 

New Collagen Cells – Rejuvenate Skin!
Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines
NEW! Only $90($30 discount)

Full Body Hot Rock Massage 11/2hr  $90