Brazilian In Your Pants!

What exactly is a Brazilian, you ask? It’s the removal of all hair from your vagina and buttocks. Yes, ALL! It’s the only way to rock those skimpy bottoms on a Brazilian cut bikini without your shrub peeking out. It’s liberating, it’s sexy and you’ll never have to worry about stubble poking out like a cactus through your ‘fancy’ undies.

Don’t want to be 100% bare? That’s up to the individual. Leaving a landing strip or a patch or a perfectly-pruned triangle is completely up to you, should you not prefer the prepubescent look. 

Either way, just not having to deal with hair down there! With laser hair removal you can ditch the cost and time! No more razors, bleaching, waxing, depilatory products! You WILL have soft, smooth with NO hair!