Thanks again for sending off the gel so quickly.  I just  went to the woman who does my face now, and she asked what I have  been doing different – my skin looked so good.  It was your  products!   Mega Booster and Lifting Serum!
Lori Jenkins,  Durango CO

While severe acne was never the type of thing I ever expected to find on my face, last year, my senior year of high school, the seemingly harmless everyday pimples here and there grew into an epidemic of cystic acne that was out of control. Not only did it look disgusting, it hurt to touch and was scarring my skin with reminders of the horrible event that took place on my face that year. At the time I was using Proactiv., but it was not doing anything to help my problem. I even went to a beauty school for a facial, but that, unfortunately did not serve me either. I felt I had tried everything other than a prescription that would serve me in the short term, but probably would have long lasting side effects. In the end I got a topical prescription, but that alone was still not enough. As my problem grew worse, I turned to my mom’s reliable friend and skin esthetician, Robina McWilliams. While I knew I should have gone to her sooner because she had helped my sister with her skin in the past, I hesitated because of the money it would cost. However, going to Robina McWilliams was the best decision I ever made for my skin. When I first started seeing Robina she used many acne cleansers and masks on my face. She also used a high frequency machine to get under my skin and help stop new acne from arising on my face. In addition, Robina has done many microdermabrasion  treatments and a few chemical skin peels on my face. I can’t say that this immediately cured my acne, but it definitely stopped it from getting worse. Not to mention, the EKTE™ skin care has also contributed to the helping my skin. For a while, I used skin product from Target, but when I switched to  EKTE™ I could tell a dramatic difference in the way my skin felt and looked. I learned that by being consistent with both treatments and skin care that my skin began improving every day. Because of Robina, my skin is now so much clearer than it ever was before. I would recommend Robina to anyone in need of skin assistance because of her knowledge and expertise of the skin as well as the fact that she truly cares about her patients. Furthermore, I always know I can trust her to do the very best she can for my skin.
Isis Lanigan, 19, Fort Collins

My skin has never looked better because I started using EKTE™ products.  Having microdermabrasions done in conjunction with the  EKTE™product line has given me amazing results.  I have a more youthful appearance, and my t-zone is less oily.  If I do have a breakout  EKTE™has me covered. I would highly recommend using   EKTE™.
Erin W.,  Windsor, Co

How many times can you actually say that something “new” has transformed your life? Now, I can!  Discovering  EKTE™ skin care products and making facial treatments part of my routine has literally changed my skin and my life. After twenty years of battling cystic and treatment resistant acne, I had tried what seemed like every available product both over the counter and prescription (including Accutane) and every mechanical skin care treatment available (even Fraxel laser treatments). These products and treatments were expensive and at times painful and only provided temporary results at best.  I felt like I had exhausted all of my resources when I came across Robina’s expert service and skin care line. I found Robina’s combination of realistic advice, professional care and individualized products to be just what I was looking for all these years. The results were not achieved “overnight” (it took a process of 6 – 9 months), but the relief of being acne-free is immeasurable. If you’ve “tried everything” or just simply want real results; there’s no reason to be frustrated anymore. Come and experience the transformation (I didn’t believe would ever be possible) for yourself!
Jen,  Fort Collins, CO

For almost twenty five years I have used the services of many different professional estheticians to take care of my skin, first to keep it clog free and as I aged to keep a youthful and healthier looking skin. When I had my first facial in 2006 with Robina McWilliams I was able to see without a doubt her deep knowledge in skin care as well as her amazing passion to assist her clients in achieving the healthier and younger looking skin that many women like me look from an esthetician’s services. I feel very lucky to have found her and trust my skin needs to her vast experience and knowledge in the traditional as well as in the latest skin care tools and techniques. Robina without a doubt is one of the best estheticians I have ever encountered and feel very lucky she is in the northern Colorado area servicing clients like myself that look for effective results.
Olga, Windsor,  CO

I hated my skin 13 years ago. I opened up the local phone book in Durango,
Colorado and saw an ad for Facial Aesthetics, I called and met Robina. She gave me a facial, set me up on a series of microdermabrasions and she sold me the products she recommended for my skin type that was her personal line. I always felt after her care that I was further educated on my skin and how to care for it. I always loved my skin and her passion for skin and her enthusiasm for making us all as beautiful as we can be. I wanted to share my love for my skin with my friends by gifting them a facial with Robina.
Sally McDermott, Durango CO

I had really bad acne through my teenage years, and as a young woman it was embarrassing! I tried all kinds of products and nothing seemed to work! I met Robina when I was eighteen and she was very understanding, and immediately found me products that worked for my skin! It took about a week to start seeing results and when I did I was so excited! Over six years later I am still using her products!!  I love my skin and how beautiful it looks! Robina has such a passion for what she does and truly cares about each client she has! Thanks so much Robina!
Ivy Carlson, LaSalle CO

Any mother who has had a teenager, at any age,  coping with acne, either mild or severe..needs to know about this.  After trying absolutely everything, including over-the-counter, proactiv, expensive department store products, nutritional supplements and advice, etc we even took her to a dermatologist who was adamant that the ONLY remedy would be long term antibiotics.  Well, knowing the detrimental side effects of that!! …we searched for another alternative and found Robina.  Wow..things turned around immediately!! Really. She started clearing up after the first treatment, continued with a couple more treatments and followed all of Robina’s advice/instructions and what a change.  I would love to tell any parent that there really is help that works and it’s worth every penny.  It’s been about 5 or 6 months and she now just goes back in for maintenance when breakouts start and it works. No long-term commitments or gimmicks at all! Not  to mention that Robina is so encouraging and wonderful to be around. She has children of her own and understands the teenage years and teaches good habits for a lifetime. My daughter’s time spent in treatments with Robina is relaxing, painless, renewing and encouraging. I trust her 100% and honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. So grateful!!!!
Laura Brow, D.C.

Investing in EKTE™ skin care products has been a wise choice for me. I appreciate that I am able to get a quick response when I have a question or concern about a product, and the availability of the products without having down time. I have been using EKTE™ skincare products for over a year. A girl friend and I were out the other night and a gentleman asked how old we were. My friend does not use EKTE™, he thought she was older than she was and he guessed me at 5 yrs younger. Need I say more!?
Tammy R., Esthetician, Fort Collins, CO

As a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician with 25 years experience, I have always been conscious of my skin, and the proper care of it. Through the years, I have always used some professional skin care line, Clinique, Lancome, or Este-Lauder. I have also tried other dermological lines including Yon-ka and Dermologica.  In 2003 I was introduced to EKTE™.  I was very interested in the product for use in my salon/spa, as retail and the back bar. Of course I also wanted to trial the product for myself. Naturally I had assumed that since I had always used professional skin care that my skin was healthy and looked good. So I was very excited after just 2 weeks of using EKTE™on a daily basis, that my skin was visibly brighter.  Four weeks later the difference was obvious, to myself and others. My skin WAS brighter and more supple. From that I knew my skin was cleaner and did look younger & healthier.

At 38 I started using EKTE™’s daily line regularly. I was so impressed with the daily line that I began using the masks and my favorites are the Pumpkin Peel & Mega Booster.

Now at 45, I know my skin looks better than ever. I love and use the whole line personally and professionally. I sold EKTE™ out of my salon for four years, and am now bringing it into my current salon. I will continue to use and sell EKTE™, and am grateful to Robina McWilliams for her personal introduction to EKTE™.
Rhonnie G. Comer,  Fort Collins, CO

I have a unique complexion situation where it is dry yet will get frequent break-outs. I began a monthly routine regiment with Robina in addition to the EKTE™ products and my problem changed up dramatically. The warm atmosphere of the office along with Robina’s genuine interest in me and my skin issues made it an easy decision to make visits to her office a monthly priority. She has a wide array of treatment options, and the ones I have chosen for myself worked fantastically. I cannot speak highly enough of Robina, her treatments, and her EKTE™ products.

Needless to say, I highly recommend her.
Colleen (22) Loveland CO

My daughter never had, what I regarded as problem skin, until she finished high school. After that, however; it became a real issue and not just around ‘that time of the month’.  We tried the usual over-the-counter recommendations and finally gave up and visited a dermatologist. Although that was a step in the right direction, their facials and medications still didn’t consistently remedy her sporadic break-outs, post break-out red blotches, and black heads. Upon the recommendation of a good friend, we found Robina and within just a couple consecutive monthly visits my daughter saw gratifying results that lasted. That is the key word-lasted! We are so impressed with Robina’s  knowledge, warmth, and the gently relaxing atmosphere. Her friendliness gives you an open invitation to ask her any questions regarding obtaining and retaining skin health care or any age-related skin care issues. I might add here that her products are, we have found, not to be beat. So much so in fact, that although my daughter now lives two states away she will still only use Robina’s products. Needless to say any more, I really cannot thank nor recommend Robina enough!
Debbie O’Connor Loveland CO

Robina is very knowledgeable in all areas of skin care, and she knows what treatments/products are effective. Her laser treatments for stretch marks has worked very well and I noticed improvement shortly after the first treatment. Her face washes and lotions have also  kept my skin clear, hydrated, and bright!
Paige Freitag